Monday, July 25, 2011

"If I could just come in, i swear i'll leave, won't take nothing but a memory"

Florida (Key West) - December 2009
It was at the end of the day. Just having a great vacation.

  New York - June 2010
Hard to find an empty place in nyc...

San Francisco (Chinatown) - June 2011
make me wanna celebrate...

New Jersey - November 2009
Blurry but i just love this pic. Feels like home.

Salem - July 2010 ? -not sure !
Fine quite funny signs around Salem :)

Santa Monica - June 2011
How i love this place. It was freezing around 7pm but loved the feeling of freedom i felt there.

Somewhere in Arizona... - June 2011

"The beginning" of my travelling 

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